About the service, TemposEmail!

TemposEmail is a Disposable email address (DEA) that creates a different and new email address for each receiver.

Benefits of temporary Email:

  • It is mostly useful when somebody might sell or send an email address to spam mail lists to other corrupt persons.
  • These emails are mostly used in situations like online registration for sites offering group discussions, file hosting services, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and online shopping.
  • DEAs can work as a valuable tool for Internet users’ safety when email spam has become a common concern and identity stealing threat

The creator can cancel disposable email addresses if someone misuses them or for some criminal activity. Examples are the unintentional transfer of an email to a spam list or if spammers got the email. On the other hand, the user may not want to receive more emails from the sender. Whatsoever the reason might be, DEA lets the address sender take autonomous action by canceling the address. Later, the owner can decide whether to inform the recipient or not.

Temporary email addresses usually can be forward to one or more actual email mail-boxes in which the sender receives and reads the messages. The person to whom a DEA is sent will never know the exact email address of the user. If a database manages the DEA, it can quickly find the expected sender of each message by recovering the connected person name of every single DEA.  When using it correctly, DEA can identify which recipients that manage email addresses cruelly or illegally. Also, it can help identify spam messages or phishers.

Tempos Email

TemposEmail - Your temporary and disposable email adresses