How to Avoid Spam Emails After Registering on Different Websites


At present, spam emails are one of the significant issues of the world. According to many types of research, about 12.4 billion spam messages are sent daily. As a result of the constant receiving of spam, the general public considers 40 percent of emails as spam. On average, every person gets 2200 spam mails every year. The terrible fact is that 16 percent of people have to change their email addresses, and about 60 percent of time gets wasted in reading or removing these spam emails while checking the inbox. Following is a simple method to get rid of spam mails that burden your mind with heaps of spam messages.

The spam emails or messages are usually followed after registering on many different websites, which takes your email address for confirmation, and it results in spam emails. However, at present, the better techniques have been developed to avoid these spam mails even after record-keeping and assurance. The best method is the temporary closure of email services.

Temporary Email Address

There are numerous service stations on the net used by people, but sometimes they cause spam. However, other services are presented on the net which provides info, but the question is which one to select because they could result in spam itself. To solve this problem, the disposable email address has been used. Disposable email address is one of the types of a bogus or temporary email address that can be used in place of your actual email id on various doubtful websites that want you to give your email address for authorization. These uncertain websites may include gaming or file sharing sites and some others. Once you have created the disposable email address, you can use it to check new emails, and it shows the new mails as soon as they arrive, and then this disposable mail address expires after a specific given time.

Ways To Use DEAs

The temporary email address can be used in straightforward steps. Assume that you are at the site from which you are want to download a file, and it requires your email id for one-time confirmation. Now, in this case, you can select a disposable email address of your own choice and then open it in a new tab or window. From there, you will receive a new random temporary email address, or you can use a custom email address. Then copy this temporary mail id and paste it on the site, asking for your email id. Now it will send you an email comprising of validation link to start downloading your file. The temporary email site will keep inspection for the new email and will show it as soon as it reaches. Now you can click on the confirmation link and approve your email, then start the downloading. Now close the window and forget everything and the fear of getting useless emails.

Benefits Of DEAs

Disposable email address keeps you tension free and saves a lot of time while checking email on the net using these kinds of temporary email addresses instead of giving your real email ID.

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